Surprise your dad with custom blanket gifts

Despite how many times your dad tells you that he doesn't need anything on special occasions like Father's Day or birthday. But you always do something for him to express your love, your gratitude to your beloved man who always tries to work hard for the whole family. If you are still looking for a gift for dad, that should be unique & thoughtful. Custom blankets seem to be your perfect choice.

These custom blankets are one of the most popular gifts when any occasion is coming annually. Because they're carrying the specialties of personalization, the givers can print any thoughtful text, photos, or pictures on the blankets to emotionally express their love to the recipients. Your dad is the most important man in your life, so we know you're trying to make your gift more thoughtful & unforgettable for him. With our personalized blankets, we can help you to do all these things.

How to choose a personalized blanket for dad?

Some people don't prefer choosing a blanket for their dad. Because they think their dads need something more flexible to use them every day, such as mugs, tumblers, or handmade wooden items. Don't make those perspectives prevent you from choosing a perfect personalized blanket for your dad. Tee4lives team has many options for you to choose a unique throw blanket that would match your dad's interests.

Choosing a blanket is not too easy like you think. Your dad is a man who wouldn't like blankets with cute designs or too bright colors. And his blanket has high-quality so that he can use it every day. You can consider buying fleece blankets that are usually made from polyester. They are warm, soft, and durable. Otherwise, quilt blankets are a good alternate. Quilts are thicker and warmer. And your father would love these kinds of blankets so much.

To buy a suitable blanket, consider your father's interest is essential because there is a difference between the interests of your father and your mother. For example, your father would prefer a football match to a cooking show, dark color (black, brown, grey, etc.) to bright color (yellow, pink, etc.). It would be best if you started the blankets in the interest of recipients.

You should also consider the size of the blanket. If your mother only needs a medium size blanket (50 x 60 inches), your dad needs a bigger one (Large size: 70 x 80 inches) because he is taller.

How to customize the blankets for your father?

The concept of the design of these blankets is vital. And that is what you are trying to look for. Firstly, you should identify the primary picture. It depends mostly on your dad's hobbies, and they can include:

Sports: Your father would love sports. You can have the blanket design following your father's favorite sports (basketball, football, tennis, or golf).

Career: Every man loves their job so much. Put on this blanket any images relating to your father's career and make him proud of his job.

Family: Your dad would love every moment that he has had with family. You should print on these blankets a photo that you took with your dad.

Father's Day: This type of blankets are created for Father's Day session. It's the time when you think about your father and send him a loving gift. All the Father's Day personalized blankets are printed with the thoughtful messages that you would like to ship to him.

Army & country: As a citizen in a country, your father has a strong belief and respect for the national army and the country's wealth. If your father is currently serving in the military, you can see how proud he is when he receives a blanket with the American flag printed on it.

After choosing the central concept that we should put on blankets, you should think about what should be written for him. We recommend you shouldn't use such inspirational words or write too long. Because your father, like an everyman, who always act more than say. You put some text like "Best dad ever" or any words with "Hero." They can make him feel more motivated to work for a better life to family.