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Daughters are the little princesses in your family. Even they are grown up and have their own life, as parents, you still want to take care of her and give her a hand to solve any problems that she comes up with. You always want to give her a gift that she can take advantage of in her daily life.

It seems blankets are good choices because of their popularity, reality & thoughtfulness. As you can see in our custom blankets for daughter collection, we have many designs that you can choose for your daughter no matter how old she is. Little daughters love the blankets that have animals, princesses, or any cute items on them. Teenage daughters love to have blankets printed with the motivations from her parents. With a grown-up daughters, they would love to go back to childhood with beautiful blankets with the photo taken with her parents.

At Tee4lives, we have every blankets type that you need to choose a gift for your beloved daughter.

How do you choose suitable personalized daughter blankets?

You can see there are many types of blankets on the market. But you shouldn't simply choose any random blanket for your daughter to be a gift for a memorable moment such as Christmas or her birthday. Personalized blankets are not just a blanket that you can only use in the bedroom. They can also be a decorating item in the home space because of their stunning designs and colors. And we can not ignore the meaningful messages printed on these blankets because that's all about love.

In general, before choosing a blanket for your daughter, you should consider these factors:

Your daughter's interests

As a mom or dad, you know what your daughter likes. What are her favorite colors, her favorite movie characters? Don't be stressed if you think you can not find any related products matching her favorite. Because personalized blankets are mostly print-on-demand items, we can print anything on them. All you have to do is choosing a good picture & a thoughtful message. We can do the rest for you.

Blankets’ materials

You can choose many materials of blankets such as fleece, quilt, or sherpa. Fleece blankets are the most popular because they have many advantages.

Fleece blankets are made from polyester, which is soft, warm & breathable. One of the most exciting things about this type of blanket is that they are much softer and lighter.

Sherpa blankets are also made of synthetic materials like polyester, and it also has some similar features like fleece blankets. They are warm, water-resistant & easy to use. One unique thing about this type of blanket is they have two sides: a soft, smooth texture is on one side while a knit shell is on the other.

The size of blankets

Like any blanket, we have three main dimensions of blankets, including Large (60x80 inches), Medium (50x60 inches) & Small (30x 40 inches).

Choosing the appropriate size depending on your daughter's age, and you can also consider how tall she is. With any blanket used to send as a gift for daughter, throw blankets are good choices.

Technically, throw blankets are smaller than the original blankets used in the bedroom. They can do more than the typical functions of keeping our body warm. The average size of throw blankets is 50-60 inches (our medium size selection). They can be easily foldable and wrapped with gift paper. Many parents are in love with some personalized throw blankets for daughter because they're convenient.

How Tee4lives help you to personalize your daughter blankets?

Firstly, we want to hear from you about your ideas, emotions, and how you want to transfer them to the blankets (by text or photos). Then, we can help you to choose a beautiful design from our collection. We have baby girls blanket for your little daughters by adding some cute characters from the famous cartoon. Besides, daughter horse blankets are also the favorite items that many parents are looking for.

When your daughters are grown-up, considering choosing her To My Daughter blanket collection. The central concept that we put in this design is a letter with "To My Daughter" text placed in the beginning. Whether they are daughter blankets from mom or dad, you can express what you have thought about her from your heart in touching words with these letters to my daughter blankets.

Let Tee4lives help you to deliver your love to your daughters.

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