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Saving all your love for her with our blanket for girlfriend collections

Your girlfriend’s birthday is coming, and you still don’t have any gifts idea for her. Try to send her a beautiful, thoughtful and unforgettable blanket gift which will give her a big surprise.

Most of the girlfriend blankets are gifts for Mother’s Day, Christmas & or any special occasions with you and her. Planning a big surprise for your love has never been easier!

Is a blanket a good gift for your girlfriend?

Your girlfriend, like every woman, is always cold when the winter is coming. She loves lying on a couch with a warm blanket around her and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate. So blankets are one of the most favorite gifts for her. Keep in mind that your girl is always waiting for unexpected things or moments from you. And a thoughtful, personalized blanket for your girlfriend can make her happy and love you more.

How to choose a good custom blanket for your girlfriend?

Don’t limit your idea to choose a blanket just only making her warm or only used in the bedroom. A custom blanket can be a decoration and put everywhere to make that space more personalized. Your girlfriend can use this blanket to put on the sofa at her home or hang on a racket in the living room to impress the new guests coming to visit her house. So these multi-purposes blankets can do more than you think.

Here are the steps we recommend to choose a suitable custom blanket for her:

  • Choose the material: Fleece blankets are the most popular. A natural fleece blanket is soft, comfortable, and environmentally friendly. They are safe to dump & do not harm the environment. You can also sleep in them barefoot or with minimal clothing.

  • Choose the size: It depends on how big you want for the gift sent to her. In general, we usually have four main sizes of custom blankets. They are Throw (55x60 inch), Twin (75x85 inch), Queen (89x90 inch) & King (91x102 inch).

  • Choose the message/photo printed on the blanket: This is essential for any custom blankets or personalized gifts. You have many memories with her. And it’s time for you to express your love and intense emotion to her by having this blanket printed the message or a memorable photo with you and her.

How can Tee4lives turn a blanket into a special gift for your girlfriend?

We, at Tee4live, always want to do magic. We can turn a typical blanket into a unique gift that makes your girlfriend surprised. We collected high-quality blankets. And we also used the high-quality printing technique to make every gift special.

Blanket For Girlfriend

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