Surprise your husband with a custom blanket gift

Despite how many times your husband says to you that he doesn’t need anything because your love is a perfect gift for him, you still want to find a gift for husband that can express how much you love him. A blanket seems to be a good choice because your husband can use it every day. But you’re also looking for a unique blanket that is personalized following your style and ideas. Our blanket for husband collection at Tee4lives can match your demand. We’ve been choosing from the most popular concept that many wives prefer every year, as well as the thoughtful & touching message printed on them. We have all the gifts you need, and the blanket is the product line that we’ve been proud of?

How to choose a good blanket for your husband?

Like other items belonging to home & living, you can easily choose good blankets depending on the material. Fleece & Sherpa are the two main materials of the current types of blankets on the market. Each of the materials has its pros & cons. So it’s up to your intentions! Here are some key features of these types of blanket material:

  • Fleece blankets: The most popular blanket material on the market. It is made from polyester. This type of blanket is warm, lightweight, and durable.

  • Sherpa blankets: Sherpa has similar features to fleece (made from polyester, warm, soft, water-resistant & easy-to-use). Compared to fleece blankets, sherpa blankets are often softer and warmer.

Not only material, but also you should consider your husband’s favorite. Because a blanket can be a gift for your husband, so you should make sure that you can choose the color and design following his interests.

Another thing you can also take note of is the size of the blankets. We usually have 3 sizes of blanket: Small (34 x 40 inch), Medium (50 x 60 inch) & Large (60 x 80 inch). A blanket of medium size is fine. It’s big enough to be folded and wrapped with gift paper. It can be used in the bedroom or put on the couch in the living room while your husband is enjoying his favorite shows on the TV.   

How do Tee4lives personalize a blanket for husband?

Without personalization, the blanket is just a blanket. Your love & ideas can make it become a memorable gift for your husband on any special occasions such as birthday, Father’s Day or Christmas. We appreciate that you can put to the blanket any unique idea that will bring a big surprise to your husband. Here are some of custom blankets gift ideas we can give you for a preference:

  • Photo blankets: With this type, you can pick up one (or two) photos of you and your husband. Then we will print this photo on the blanket in high quality.

  • To My Husband blanket: We designed this type of blanket like a letter. And as you can see, “To My Husband” is often the beginning word of any written letter. We also collected the most meaningful messages that you can put onto blankets. Of course, if you need to write it down by yourself, tell us and print your blankets.

Blanket For Husband

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