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Personalized blanket for mom - More than a gift

We believe that a gift can not fully show how much you love your mom. But we are trying to make every gift sent to your mother unique, thoughtful, and even make her surprise. Your mom is a person who always takes care of every member of the family. And now it's time for you to bring her happiness. You are showing your gratitude to be her son or daughter for the rest of your life.

Personalized blankets are one of the most popular gifts everyone looks for their mothers on special occasions such as Mother's Day, birthday, or Christmas. They are kinds of print-on-demand products. Besides blankets, there are also custom mugs, canvas, tumblers, fashion items, decorating items. These custom blankets for moms are created by following your ideas. This means you can have space for your creativity to customize a gift for mom.

How to choose a good custom blanket for mom?

Firstly, when you start to choose a blanket, try to find a high-quality blanket because you will be so happy if your mom uses this blanket every day. The quality of a blanket comes from its material. One of the most popular blankets that everyone prefers to choose to be gifts for mom is fleece blanket. This kind of blanket material has many advantages. It's warm, lightweight, soft, and easy to be folded. Another type of blanket you can consider choosing is sherpa, which has similar features to fleece blankets. But sherpa blankets are often softer & warmer than fleece blankets.

Quilt blankets are also a good choice if you need to buy a blanket that your mom can use in the bedroom to keep her warm. Quilts are made up of three layers, where the first layer is used as a pattern, the middle layer is batting for warmth and the bottom layer for softness. So we can see that quilt blankets are thicker & heavier than fleece or sherpa blankets.

How to customize the blanket for mom?

As a personalized gift, of course, you can choose any idea and style to print on the blanket. Something personal can make your mom happy and feel touching whenever she receives this gift from you.  At Tee4lives, we don't want to limit your creativity. You can do anything from your heart to make the blanket special by printing some words or adding some memorable photos with you and your mother.

In case you can not find any time to plan your ideas, Tee4lives can help you. We have some ideas for custom blankets for you:

Personalized name letter blankets: We have created a "To My Mom" blanket collection inspired by the layout of a typical letter, with the words "To My Mom" and the emotional message you want to send to her.

Personalized photo blankets for mom: You can choose the best memorable photos with you and your mom from the album. Send them to us, and we can print them on your blankets with high quality.

Personalized picture blankets for mom: Photos and pictures can be printed on blankets like sunflowers, moon & sun, and painting pictures. All of them can be easily printed on the blanket and bring to your mother full of joyfulness.

Blanket For Mom

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