Your love story wrapped in a custom blanket

No matter how many years you and your wife have been together, the moment that you saw her in the wedding dress hold your hand and said “I do” has been still in your memories. On special occasions, you always try to make your woman happy by choosing a thoughtful gift for her.

Blankets are one of the most favorite choices for anyone looking for a suitable gift to express their emotions and love to his wife. Blankets can keep us warm, like the love you and your wife have given to each other.

Custom blankets are not the new ideas, but they are refreshed every day—hundreds of ideas for customizing these blankets to make them unique & unforgettable. The features of custom blankets are all about ideas because most of them are print-on-demand blankets. Don’t be hesitated to put all your love into this gift.

What are the popular types of blankets for wife?

Even though blankets are the items that your family uses every day, but do you know how many types of blankets are there?

There is no significant difference between the blankets we use daily in the bedroom and the blankets for sending as gifts. There are four main types of blankets depending on their material:

  • Fleece blankets: One of the most popular blankets that everybody is looking for. Most fleece blankets are made of polyester and a fuzzy, soft fabric often used to throw blankets, sweaters, jackets, mittens, hats, and other applications requiring warmth.
  • Sherpa blankets: Sherpa blankets are another version of fleece blankets. They are also made from polyester, but they are softer, warmer than fleece blankets.
  • Quilt blankets: Actually, quilts and blankets are different. A quilt is a three-layered bed covering three layers: the top, middle, and back. A pieced fabric tops the top layer, which is made up of different materials sewn together. The middle layer of batting, filling, or wadding is a thick, fluffy layer made of wool, down, cotton, or polyester. The back or bottom layer is similar to the top layer.
  • Woven blankets: This type of blanket is actually made from woven. Designed to be used over and over again, high-quality moving blankets are made from woven fabrics and bindings. Non-woven materials are lighter and less durable than these pads. Cotton, cotton/polyester blends, and polyester can be used for woven fabrics.

Let Tee4lives personalize the blanket for your wife with your ideas.

Tee4lives team has many years in creating beautiful personalized gifts for him, for her & family. You can find blankets and other gifts such as custom mugs, custom canvas, & personalized tumblers. If you have any ideas to make the gift for your wife unique, let us know and personalize it following your thoughts. Here are some of our ideas to help you find a good custom blanket for your wife:

  • Photo blankets: You will love this type of blanket because you can see the best memories that you took with your wife on the blanket. Would you mind choosing the best photos and bringing them to us? We can make a stunning blanket gift for you to give to your wife.
  • To My Wife blankets: These blankets are designed in a typical letter layout. We personalized them by putting the loving messages that you want to send to your wife. All you need to do is write thoughtful messages that express your love and gratitude to her.
  • Picture blankets: You can choose any pictures to be printed on the blanket. That can be a bunch of flowers, animals, or paintings. They can be printed on the blankets with the text inserted in the layout.


Blanket For Wife

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