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Wearable Breast Pump Silicone Rings 5pcs Compatible with Tee4livess S9/S12 Wearable Breastpump, Made by Tee4livess, Breast Pump Silicone Rings Accessories, Tee4livess Pump S9/S12 Parts Replace

About this item

  • These authentic Tee4livess diaphragm + valve is suitable for use with any following breast pump: Tee4livess S9/S12 wearable breast pump.
  • Easy Cleaning, Wash Tee4livess pump parts after each use with warm soapy water and rinse well.
  • BPA Free, made of silicone material. Can be sanitized with water steam, boiling water or microwave-steam bags. All Tee4livess pump parts that come in contact with breast milk are BPA free, giving you peace of mind about your baby's milk
  • Made For Moms, By Moms: We`ve committed our lives to provide the best breast pumps, accessories, education, and customer care that we can, supporting every mother with the beauty of parenthood
  • Diaphragm and duckbill valve accessories can perfectly meet the accessories you need when using Tee4livess breast pump. The diaphragm is used to help the breast pump maintain the seal to prevent milk leakage. The duckbill valve can be used to drain milk to the bottom of the container.